If I do not have an apartment, how can I get a private loan?

Many users need financing and cannot obtain it from any bank, especially now that we are at a time when financial institutions are significantly tightening essential requirements to obtain a loan of any kind. For this same reason, clients of private loans ask themselves the following question: “If I don’t have an apartment, how can I get a private loan?”

You need a real state guarantee to take out loan

You need a real state guarantee to take out loan

Indeed, most private equity companies ask their clients for a real estate type guarantee in order to grant them the loan that the borrower needs. But that is no longer a problem because in our private loan company you can get a loan even if we do not have any type of real estate.

We only need a guarantee that can be of any kind, not only real estate since it is possible to guarantee our loans with a car, taxi licenses, pieces of art, etc. Any object of value can serve to guarantee the credits that we grant to our clients.

What different opportunities can I have?

What different opportunities can I have?

There are many opportunities for the user who needs immediate liquidity not to be without their private equity loan. Since it is possible to obtain the necessary money by guaranteeing operations with almost any type of property, with the only exception of jewelry. We will grant up to 20% of the value of the guarantee and it will also depend a lot on the quality of these guarantees.

But in addition, there is another option that is equally interesting for those clients who do not have real estate to get quick money . We are referring to the loan for the car, in this case the client can obtain money through his own vehicle, we appraise that utility and later we can give the client an amount that ranges between 30% or 40% of the value that he gives us the appraisal of the car. We carry out the same procedure in the case of a motorcycle, a van or a truck.

In addition, these loans that we grant have multiple advantages, the first of which is that unlike any bank, we are not going to ask the client for an excessive amount of documents, nor will we ask them for the purpose of this loan, since our mission is to accelerate to the maximum the procedures so that the user finally enjoys the cash that he needs for his personal needs.

These monetary amounts can be obtained in a very short time; in fact, it is possible to get the money in less than 72 hours, thanks to the fact that our procedures are very fast and we try to minimize the number of procedures and take care of the maximum amount of details.

Our team of professionals is made up of private and private lenders with extensive knowledge and experience in real estate and financial matters. Therefore, we always try to carry out feasibility studies that allow us to know the scope of our operations and whether they will indeed have the expected success so that the end user receives the money that he has requested. These analyzes are totally free for clients and we never charge for them, in addition in the case of a real-estate type guarantee, we only need the note always the registration to carry out this study.

Special charateristics of this loan

Special charateristics of this loan

Other special characteristics of our credits is that the interest can be paid in comfortable installments that can be monthly, semi-annual, semi-annual or annual. So that the client hardly perceives the economic burden of the credit that he has requested from us.

Referring to real estate properties, they must fulfill a fundamental aspect, which is not having any type of charges or mortgages, and fulfilling this matter, flats, houses, premises, etc. can be valid. All of them may be valid guarantees but we will not accept plots or plots since we think that this type of real estate is closely linked to marked variations in their prices, for this reason they are not acceptable guarantees for the loans we grant.

We highlight the fact that our company grants private capital loans to people who do not have payroll or who are unemployed. We can do these thanks to our work system in which it is possible for a user to request the money without having to provide real estate as collateral.

It is neccessry to carry out appraisal of the home

It is neccessry to carry out appraisal of the home

In the case of real estate that guarantees these private capital loans, if it is necessary to carry out an official appraisal of the home, we can carry out this procedure and we will do it at really low prices for clients.

In addition, some notarial signatures are made that give greater security to the operations in progress, these signatures before a notary can be carried out in any point of the Spanish geography since we cover all of Spain including the islands. So that the client will never have the need to travel to sign.

All our operations are framed within the current regulations and we comply with the laws that regulate the private loan in our country. Furthermore, the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs is in charge of regulating our activities.

All the advantages presented here indicate that in the event that the client does not have an apartment, they can get a private loan; Our private lenders will solve all your doubts, that is why we recommend that you contact our company and consult us on those questions that you still do not understand well, our team will immediately attend to and solve your doubts.


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