Requirements to request a loan from lenders.

These days, obtaining a loan has become a really difficult task, all this due to the increase in the conditions and requirements necessary to be able to get a loan. As a consequence of this crisis we are experiencing, most financial institutions impose a large number of restrictions when granting any type of credit. However, the requirements to request a loan from private lenders are different, they allow us to obtain the amount of money necessary to solve your problems or finance our projects.

You need to provide a guarantee

You need to provide a guarantee

The necessary requirements to request a loan from the lenders in our private equity company are minimal, only a guarantee is essential, this may be of any type or nature, the guarantee will ensure the loan that we are going to give the client and will have a great variety of options to request the money you need.

In this way, any user of our company can get cash by guaranteeing it with a car, art collections, taxi licenses, real estate, etc. There are a good number of possibilities so that the consumer does not run out of credit and the only exclusion is jewelry. In this way, the client can obtain up to a maximum of 20% of the value of said guarantee.

The advantages of these credits are numerous and many times better than those provided by any bank or savings bank. We will not ask you for as much documentation, the procedures will be minimal and you will be able to obtain the necessary amount in record times. Our users can obtain these private loans in a period of less than 72 hours.

Even unemployed can avail this loan

Even unemployed can avail this loan

This is possible thanks to the fact that our team of lenders tries to take care of as many aspects as possible, thus minimizing the number of procedures and speeding up the procedures. These private equity loans can be granted even to citizens who are on delinquent lists such as Financial Credit Institution, even if they do not have payroll and are unemployed.

None of the special situations mentioned above is an impediment for our company to provide you with the credit you need. If you need a reduced amount of money, you can request a minimum credit of $ 3000 and in all cases, our loans offer many possibilities of flexibility to pay the installments. In this way, the client can remunerate the payments on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or even annual basis.

In addition, clients are sure that they are in the hands of professionals who have extensive knowledge in real estate and financial matters, our company is regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumption and we comply with all the existing regulations regarding private loans and services financial.

Real state guarantee is an important requirement

Real state guarantee is an important requirement

Real estate guarantees must meet an important requirement in order to be guarantors of our private equity loans. These must be totally free of charges or mortgages and the flats, houses, premises, etc. may be valid. We do not accept plots, plots or land since these properties are too subject to variations in their prices and therefore cannot be acceptable guarantees.

As the user can verify, the requirements to request a loan from the lenders are minimal in our private loan company. We only need a guarantee that can be of any type, so that the client has a multitude of options to select the one that best suits their cities. Our company is totally transparent and our team of professionals will solve all the doubts you have about our credits.


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